The process of restoring a commercial roof entails coating the existing roof with a long-lasting, waterproof coating. This coating prevents rusting and can extend the life of your roof by a decade or more.

A roof restoration is an affordable alternative to a complete replacement for commercial property owners with flat or low-slope roofs in good condition. You can extend the life of your roof by a decade or more by coating an aging but still functional roof. Commercial roof restoration services are also a preventative measure to avoid catastrophic failure or a complete roof replacement. Roof Restorations Adelaide is the leading expert and provides commercial roofing restoration services for properties in the Adelaide.

7 benefits of roof Restorations

Affordable – Because we are not doing a complete tear-off, the labor and material costs for a restoration project are lower. On average, restoring your roof costs half to a third of the cost of a complete replacement.

Faster – Restoration coatings can be applied more quickly than a complete roof replacement, reducing the amount of downtime for your business.

Longer life – Roof coatings applied during the restoration process extend the life of your roof by 10-15 years, giving you at least a decade before you need to replace it.

Sustainability – A roof coating system eliminates the need for tear-off and the disposal of materials.

Improved appearance – A new roof coating gives your commercial building a clean, new look by removing rust, dirt, and signs of wear.

Tax Benefits – Roof restorations are classified as maintenance rather than capital expenditures, so they are taxed differently. You should consult your accountant, but a restoration should allow you to pay lower taxes.

Energy Savings – The roof coatings we use for restoration projects are highly reflective, protecting the roof from UV damage while also cooling it down. As a result, you’ll have a more energy-efficient roofing system that lowers your monthly energy bills.

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